Short format series
for your daily mini breaks




We are devoted to creating high quality series, tailored to respect the flow and challenges of life and the need for short breaks throughout a busy day.



We love what we do. Our hearts and guts steer our decisions and moves us forward. Our work breaks convention and we dare to be provocative for the right reasons. We are agile, disruptive and go the extra mile.We never compromise on quality. We contribute to a world of better content. We keep processes, interaction and solutions simple and reliable.


We challenge traditional TV/film production and distribution by setting it free from fixed program planning with new short-format drama series. We challenge video on demand by creating original must-see series that are tailor made to fit the flow of consumers life and create a new sense of freedom.



We respect all opinions and contributors. We inspire and promote raw talent and create a new stage on which to shine.
 We are independent and free in how we run our business. We put trust in our partners, local and global.

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